SaskScapes – Breathing life into the past: The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society

Join Kevin Power and members of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society at their 53rd annual gathering.  We all have archeology – it’s what connects us.  You’ll be amazed at just how far back Saskatchewan’s history has been traced through the discovery of artifacts. But you’ll also hear some great conversations about engaging youth through the work being done by the Society, and the importance of telling the STORY behind the objects found.



SaskScapes is a podcast featuring the stories of arts, culture and heritage in Saskatchewan. The series is produced and hosted by Kevin Power.  To sponsor your own episodes contact SaskScapes via twitter, Facebook or by email for more information.

Host: Kevin Power

Music provided by Jeffery Straker

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SaskScapes – Culture Days in Preeceville

It’s another Culture Days episode! Join Kevin Power as he heads to Preeceville, SK after spending time in Yorkton (episode 65). The Preeceville Heritage Museum committee pulls out all the stops with an “Ethnic Desert Night”. Prepare to have your salivary glands activated as several of Kevin’s guests talk about their cultural background and how the dishes they’ve prepared tie in with their heritage. You’ll also hear from Lorne, one of Preeceville’s former history teachers who talks about how this town came to be, how it has changed over the years, and the history of the Doukhobour’s in this part of the province. And as far as all of those calories on display at this event, I’m told that it is only fattening if you swallow!


SaskScapes – The Rocanville Market

They are proud to call this town “my town”. Rocanville is located in south-eastern Saskatchewan near the Qu’appelle Valley and Manitoba border.  A town rich in history, a booming potash industry and a beautiful 13 building museum which acts as the cultural “hub”.  Join Kevin Power has he attends the Rocanville market at the museum which is held once a month during the summer.  This episodes features a few of the vendors, artists, musicians, and dedicated young folks would bring tremendous energy to the market. Thank you to Jamie MacLeod for inviting SaskCulture to your event!



SaskScapes is a podcast featuring the stories of arts, culture and heritage in Saskatchewan Visit Click on the Community Engagement Animateur link to view the work being done by all three of the SaskCulture CEA’s.

Host: Kevin Power

Music provided by Jeffery Straker

SaskScapes is also available through the iTunes Store and on Stitcher Radio

SaskScapes – The Ecomuseums of Saskatchewan

Kevin is joined by guest Glenn Sutter, the curator of Human Ecology at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum as well as five members of the Saskatchewan Ecomuseum Initiative as we learn about the “living heritage” which is the Ecomuseum. These discussions take place during Heritage week in Saskatchewan (February 2015) when the Ecomuseum symposium was held.

SaskScapes is a podcast featuring the stories of arts, culture and heritage in Saskatchewan
Visit and
Host: Kevin Power
Music provided by Jeffery Straker
SaskScapes is also available through the iTunes Store and Stitcher Radio

SaskScapes – with guest Olga Yarikov

This is the 44th episode in the premier season of SaskScapes! My guest, Olga Yarikov is originally from the Republic of Uzbekistan and now finds her home in Humboldt, SK.  Olga shares memories of her childhood in Uzbekistan, her creative inspirations, and the effects of political unrest on her life’s path.  Now that she has found a new sense of “home” in Humboldt, Olga finds herself open to expressing her creativity once again, drawing from the best of her past memories, and eagerly diving into new experiences.  Through the eyes of a newcomer, we are reminded of  what makes our Province and it’s people so special.

SaskScapes – Tea at the Frenchman Butte Museum

Continuing from episode 37, we visit the log cabin tea house at the Frenchman Butte Heritage Centre. Ten local residents gather as we talk about growing up in the area, humorous anecdotes, giant fish, student curators continuing traditions, yummy home baked goodies,  and more.

SaskScapes – The Frenchman Butte Ferry

The Frenchman Butte Museum has been voted “the best small town museum in Saskatchewan”,  and believe me, it does not disappoint! My guests, Hazel Reiser and Tom Hougham join me and share the history of a major source of transportation in the area from early to mid 20th century – The Frenchman Butte Ferry. This is the first podcast of two recorded in Frenchman Butte.


Ferry sign

SaskScapes – with guest Ley Ward, the “Lego Wizard”

Springing out of his own “Lego Dark Age”, Ley Ward, the “Lego Wizard”, reconnected with the memories of a toy from his childhood, and became part of an International movement of lego users who take this hobby very seriously. Ley shares the serious business of humour, and how lego has informed his other artistic pursuits. Lego users are indeed a unique breed, and you’ll hear Ley discuss how much emotional support they provide each other. And yes, we discussed the Lego movie!



SaskScapes – The Junior Curators – with guests Kayla & Spencer

The Junior Curator program began in 2013 at the Meacham museum in Saskatchewan, and allows children who have a love of museums and history to take on some of the responsibilities of a museum curator. Kayla and Spencer share with us why they enjoy being junior curators….“It’s fun to do! Its cool showing people what you know”.

Corry’s New Beginnings by Bryson

Donald Corry, a clay miner from England, and his wife, Gladys, homesteaded in Ravenscrag, SK in the early 20th Century. They lived in a log house that was relocated from Ravenscrag to the Eastend Historical Museum in the late 1980s, where it remains to this day. My most recent digital storytelling workshop was held at this museum. Digital storytelling is a wonderful way to add narrative to historical photographs. Bryson LaBoissiere works at the museum in Eastend and created this digital story about the Corry couple.


Bryson working on her digital story at the Eastend Historical Museum