Moving to Eastend by Nathan

Nathan moved to Eastend, SK when he was 12 years old. A self-described city boy at heart, Nathan wrote and produced this digital story on how he grew to appreciate living in a small prairie town.


Trip to Moose Jaw by Samantha

Samantha and her family live on a family farm near Ponteix, SK. Recently, they took a road trip to Moose Jaw. Samantha came to my digital storytelling workshop in Ponteix with the photos that she took from her family trip and produced this digital story.


Working on Farm by Ashley

Ashley took my digital storytelling workshop in Ponteix with her mother and two sisters. She wanted to tell a story about working on the farm with her family and how everyone helps one another. She produced this lovely digital story that gives a glimpse of what life on a farm is like from a young girl’s perspective. This workshop was hosted by the Southwest Newcomer Welcome Centre and the Cultural Centre Royer.

International Indigenous Art Program at NAIG 2014

At the closing ceremonies of the North American Indigenous Games, youth from across North America, in collaboration with senior artists and emerging artists, presented a 15-minute performance that they created in 5 days as part of the International Indigenous Art Program (IIAP).

The senior artists were Cheryl L’Hirondelle (interdisciplinary), Jason Baerg (visual art), Ramses Calderon (music), Erroll Kinistino (theatre and dance) and Lyndon Tootoosis (sculpture, traditional carving). Each senior artist mentored one of the emerging artists, Nicole Akan (theatre), Jules Beudin-Herney (visual art), Candy Fox (film/video), Lacy Morin-Desjarlais (dance) and Garnett “Misfit” Tootoosis (music).

I had the honour of making a digital story (shown above), which documents the participants’ creative process in 5 days. Congratulations to everyone involved on an incredible final performance!

The IIAP is funded through the Creative Partnerships Raising the Bar program. Creative Partnerships is a joint initiative of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and SaskCulture with funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. The Regina 2014 NAIG entered into a partnership with Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists’ Collective to deliver the program and administer the residency.


Corry’s New Beginnings by Bryson

Donald Corry, a clay miner from England, and his wife, Gladys, homesteaded in Ravenscrag, SK in the early 20th Century. They lived in a log house that was relocated from Ravenscrag to the Eastend Historical Museum in the late 1980s, where it remains to this day. My most recent digital storytelling workshop was held at this museum. Digital storytelling is a wonderful way to add narrative to historical photographs. Bryson LaBoissiere works at the museum in Eastend and created this digital story about the Corry couple.


Bryson working on her digital story at the Eastend Historical Museum

Uncle Elmer by Sandra

About 20 people showed up to Movie Night at the Museum, held at the Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre, to watch the digital stories that workshop participants in Shaunavon, SK created earlier this week. Sandra’s story is on her uncle Elmer who experienced hearing loss from an ear infection in the 1930s.


Blue Eyes by Evie

In my digital storytelling workshops, I’ve been encouraging participants to tell first-person stories. But another way to tell a story is to interview someone. About a year ago, I sat down with my mother at her dining room table, with a handheld recorder, and I asked her to tell me some stories about my birth. I listened to those anecdotes a few days ago and turned one of them into this digital story.

Length of time it took to make:  4 hours

Equipment used: Zoom H4n recorder; Macbook Pro laptop

Software: Audacity; iMovie ’09

Music: royalty-free music downloaded from Jamendo


Grandma by Bronwyn

Grade 12 student Bronwyn Lloyd tells the story of a cross-cultural experience between her and her grandmother from Switzerland. This story was made in one of my digital storytelling workshops in Lumsden, SK.

Singing by Noel

Noel, a 6th grade student in Moose Jaw, shares a story about her passion for singing and how it has helped her through tough times. This story was created in one of Evie Ruddy’s digital storytelling workshops.

Johnny by Evie Ruddy

A digital story that our animateur Evie Ruddy made while attending a workshop at the Centre for Digital Storytelling in California.