Shekinah Art Adventure

For twenty-two years a group of approximately 15 – 20 female Textile Artists have been gathering one weekend a year (usually in the Qu’Appelle Valley) for an Art Retreat. They call it the Shekinah Art Adventure.

This year they gathered at the Edam Hunting Lodge around the last weekend of May. I attended the Retreat on Saturday and Sunday, and spoke to almost all of the ladies about Culture Days.

Many were interested in having their artistic craft skills included in Culture Days. Further, one lady was particularly interested in collaborating as soon as possible in preparation for said event. As is often the case, this lady is not limited to one ‘art world.’ She not only is a Fibre Artist she runs the North Battleford Community Theatre. So, Kevin might be getting a call too in the near future.

Meetings & Gatherings

Bonnie Mills-Midgely, Community Development Coordinator for the Rivers West DSCR, has invited me to a few of their meetings, and I must say these gatherings have been invaluable.

The first meeting was in North Battleford, on April 22. My contemporary, Kevin Power, was also in attendance.

The meeting was informal. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and spoke of what we hoped to garnish from the gathering. Both Kevin and I not only introduced SK Culture Days to the group, but we also got to speak about our own repertoire of capabilities, our hopes for Culture Days, and offered our services to those who were interested.

Again, this kind of networking is invaluable. Many at the meeting were unaware of the role that Animateurs play in SK Culture Days, and were happy and interested to hear of how we can facilitate the celebration of their communities. Some, surprisingly, did not know about Culture Days at all. While others were eager to provide their business card and book us for an event.

After attending a few of these meetings, I definitely suggest further attendance for future Animateurs. They are a great way to advertise, network, and ‘get things on the go!’photo-7

A School Garden

I stand to be corrected, but we may have a “SK First” here… all because of Culture Days.

Arising out of one of the meetings with Rivers West, Susan Plant, Principal of Lashburn Elementary School, called me and asked me to help her actualize a vision she has for her school.

She wants a School Garden.

There are two spaces surrounding the school that she wants transformed into gardens. At the front of the school is a large flat area that will be Vegetable Garden. Created by Students, Maintained by Students, Harvested by Students.
And at the entrance of the school there is a triangle patch that will be transformed into a colourful, bright, planter garden (using up-cycled materials).

I am not sure, but I think the Vegetable Garden may be a first. I have not heard of a Saskatchewan school having its very own garden (created, planted, maintained, and harvested by students). …. You should have seen the look on the students face when I told them they could come eat peas whenever they felt like it! A combo of surprise and