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About was launched by SaskCulture in 2013 as a place to showcase the work being done in Saskatchewan around Culture Days and by people working for SaskCulture who, at the time, were called Culture Days Animateurs. The Animateurs  travelled the province prior to Culture Days to increase awareness and to encourage artists, individuals, municipalities, community organizations etc. to get involved with Culture Days and hold activities and to encourage the public to attend the hundreds of activities that are held in the province each year during Culture Days.

In 2015, SaskCulture began to explore opportunities around how the Culture Days Animateurs might engage communities for a wider purpose outside of Culture Days and to explore a community’s cultural potential, as well as act as a liaison between the communities they visit and  SaskCulture.

The position was renamed to Community Engagement Animateurs (CEAs) and three people (Krisitn Catherwood, Carol Daniels and Kevin Power)  were hired to engage people  throughout the province in 2015. Culture Days remains an important part of  the CEAs work and is seen as a great opportunity for communities showcase the culture they have in their communities and perhaps even some of the community engagement work communities have done while working with the CEAs.

Stay tuned to this site for regular updates, videos, blogs, podcasts, photos and more from our CEAs, as well as updates about Culture Days in Saskatchewan and SaskCulture!

About SaskCulture Inc.

SaskCulture Inc. is a non-profit, community-based, volunteer-driven organization, which works with its membership and other community partners to build a culturally vibrant province, where all citizens celebrate, value and participate in a rich, cultural life.

SaskCulture is working towards:
• a province with a strong, thriving, cohesive cultural community;
• a province where people value and support culture, and;
• a province where people’s lives are strengthened and enriched through participation in diverse cultural activities.

 SaskCulture’s Members

SaskCulture and its 137 member organizations, as well as individual members, represent the diversity of culture in Saskatchewan, coming from the areas of the arts, heritage, multiculturalism and cultural industries.   Member organizations range from provincial cultural organizations and professional associations to locally-based cultural organizations. These organizations, along with their own memberships, help to nurture and support cultural development in Saskatchewan. Membership is open to organizations that have primarily cultural objectives, support the mandate of SaskCulture and want to have a voice in its direction.

The Relationship to Saskatchewan Lotteries

SaskCulture, through funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation, supports a network of organizations that work to engage the people of Saskatchewan in a variety of cultural activities.  The lottery-funded system for sport, culture and recreation is delivered to the people of Saskatchewan through a distribution agreement between the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport and three independent community partners.  These global organizations – Sask Sport Inc, SaskCulture Inc. and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc. – collectively represent hundreds of volunteer community organizations and ensure that Saskatchewan Lotteries proceeds benefit communities across the province.

About Culture Days

Culture Days raises the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. With the support of volunteer groups at the national, provincial and local levels, hundreds of thousands of artists, cultural workers, organizations and groups, volunteers and supporters  self-mobilize to host free participatory public activities that take place in hundreds of cities and towns throughout the country over the last weekend of September each year.

The eighth annual Culture Days weekend will take place September 29, 30 & October 1, 2017, and will feature thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate “behind-the-scenes,” to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, designers and other creative people in their communities.

With thousands of activities registered at, Culture Days drives a multi-level national communications and public relations campaign designed to inspire and catalyze greater public participation in the arts and cultural life of our communities. A variety of free, useful Tips and Tools are available to support activity organizers throughout their process of planning, promoting, hosting and sharing their Culture Days experiences.

Culture Days is a collaborative initiative that welcomes your participation. Everyone can play a role in Culture Days: Whether you are already passionate about arts and culture or curious to discover new cultural experiences, an artist, arts or cultural organization, community group, municipality, library, school, citizen, or business person, you can participate in and contribute to Culture Days!

Since 2010, Culture Days in Saskatchewan has been supported and coordinated by SaskCulture in a variety of ways including the Community Engagement Animateur Program, and the Culture Days Funding Assistance Grant Program through support from Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. SaskCulture also provides support to Culture Days activity organizers through the creation and distribution of promotional materials and advertising. For more information about SaskCulture, please visit

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