SaskScapes Season Two!

It is so exciting to be back as Community Engagement Animateur to continue the SaskScapes podcast series.  There are still so many stories to tell.

Having someone tell you their story can be a very important moment in their lives and yours. Our stories are the great “unifier”.  A common bond of shared experiences.

SaskScapes is an “aural archive” chronicling stories of the past, present, kindness, courage, creativity, decency, dignity, resilience and strength. 48 episodes to date, over 28 hours of conversation and a listenership of over 11,000 and growing – from as far away as Kenya – the world is listening to your stories Saskatchewan! And this year you get to have your voice heard.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to any of you who feel there is a story that needs to be heard.  And I want to ENGAGE your communities in this series.  There seems to be a tremendous interest in “StorySlams” which is one of my most favourite podcast types to listen to.  A StorySlam is a public event where folks who have signed up have had a chance to craft a true story from their lives and distill it down to it’s essence of 5 minutes in length. That part is done in a workshop the day before,  then your community is invited to attend as the stories are being shared.  And, if you’d like, it’s tradition to have a bit of a friendly “competition” and have the audience choose their favourite story of the evening. That person could perhaps be featured in your town’s newsletter, or website.

You can find all of the previously recorded episodes here on the website, or download them for free from iTunes or Stitcher radio.

I’ve enjoyed meeting Carol and Kristin, my two CEA colleagues. We’ve been travelling together of the past few weeks, along with Damon Badger Heit and meeting with members of the communities in group sessions where we’ve shared what we can bring to your communities. Your response has been wonderful!

Just incase you’re asking yourself “what is this podcast thing all about anyway?” Here’s how I like to think of it:

Podcasts are the fastest growing form of spoken word and music on the Internet today. Millions of people download them daily. Think of a podcast as a radio style talk show. But unlike radio, you don’t have to wait for your favorite program to air. It’s on demand, ready for you to listen to when you want – streaming from the Internet or downloading to your computer, iPod, smart phone, iPad or other devices that can play mp3 files. Podcasts are portable. Listen to them while you’re driving, gardening, camping, exercising….

I look forward to engaging with you and your communities once again!