A Magical Lighted Launch

The night of the “Lighted Launch” at Fife Lake was magical.  There’s no other way to put it.

To begin, the weather was perfect.  The night was warm and the lake was calm.

Second, the turnout for this event was incredible.  Rockin’ Beach, the name of the Regional Park at Fife Lake, is situated about 16 kilometres east of Rockglen, which has a population of about 350.  There’s no more than a hundred students in the K – 12 school.

Yet, there was easily 60 people at the “Lighted Launch.”  One lady had driven over an hour with her two children to attend.

Many of the students who came had continued making origami boats at home after the workshop I did at Rockglen School, and that’s what they brought to the “Lighted Launch.”

After a brief welcome, we assembled the candles and boats.  Then those who wanted to set sail stood on the dock and waited to have their boats lighted, while the rest stayed on shore and watched the sparkling fleet.

Once all the boats were launched we just absorbed the magic of the night.  Such a pretty sight, it was.

If a critique had to be made, I’m sure it would be that the kids had wished we had more boats.

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