Origami Boats at Rockglen School

On September 15, I spent the day in Rockglen.

I met with two Board Members of Rockin’ Beach Regional Park to discuss their upcoming Culture Days event.

Plus, I facilitated two workshops at Rockglen School, which included all grades (1 – 12).  In those workshops, I explained the history and meaning of Culture Days and then gave a tutorial on how to make an Origami Boat.  Further, I extended an invitation to the students of Rockglen School.  I invited them to bring their Origami Boat (that they just made) to Rockin’ Beach on Wednesday, September 24th at 7:00 p.m..  I explained to them that at this time we are going to have a “Lighted Launch.”  We will put candles in the boats and launch them from either the shore or the middle of the lake (depending on the win) and enjoy the light show while we roast marshmallows and visit on the beach.