A School Garden

I stand to be corrected, but we may have a “SK First” here… all because of Culture Days.

Arising out of one of the meetings with Rivers West, Susan Plant, Principal of Lashburn Elementary School, called me and asked me to help her actualize a vision she has for her school.

She wants a School Garden.

There are two spaces surrounding the school that she wants transformed into gardens. At the front of the school is a large flat area that will be Vegetable Garden. Created by Students, Maintained by Students, Harvested by Students.
And at the entrance of the school there is a triangle patch that will be transformed into a colourful, bright, planter garden (using up-cycled materials).

I am not sure, but I think the Vegetable Garden may be a first. I have not heard of a Saskatchewan school having its very own garden (created, planted, maintained, and harvested by students). …. You should have seen the look on the students face when I told them they could come eat peas whenever they felt like it! A combo of surprise and delight.photo-8